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Have You Compared Before Buying Best Lcd Tvs

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Buying   LCD TV can be said to be an art rather than a purchase. Initially you could get LCD TVs only in small sizes, but nowadays you can get them in large sizes as 50 inches. It can be a small or big screen LCD TV, they all come with some flaws like the contrast ratio is low, slow refresh rate and a narrow angle for viewing. Even with these flaws you can get an excellent LCD TV if you take some precautions.

At present the top brands in the LCD TV market are Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sharp and Philips. Some of the computer monitor makers such as Gateway and Dell are trying their hands at LCD TV. You have to keep in mind that just a big brand name will not guarantee that it is the best TV. You may be aware that even large companies procure monitors and few other parts from different countries to cut costs which can affects the on the whole quality of the gadget. You must check the TV when it is in the showroom before finally buying it.

There is another point to consider which is the aspect ratio. There are widescreen LCD TV which claim to have 16 to 9 aspect ratio, but to believe in it with closed eyes will be a mistake. There are screens which stretch up the image to make it fit on the screen. This makes the images washed out and jagged. Best LCD TVs will retain the resolutions even at the time of stretching the image to fit 16 to 9 screen. You will have to trust your vision for this judgment.

You must also see the viewing angle as earlier LCD TVs did not think much about the viewing angles. LCD visuals were almost impossible to see from obtuse angles because of the pixel twisting technique of liquid crystal display monitors. This problem has decreased to a great extend and present day LCD TVs have much better viewing angles.

You can get LCD TVs in three varieties which are standard definition or SD, enhanced definition or ED and high definition or HD. High definition TVs will be the finest option as you can use them as regular TV or as computer monitors. They generate analog as well as digital signals. They also come with higher freeze rates and can reproduce better moving visuals. 

Here we have just mentioned the vital characteristics which you must check when thinking of buying good LCD TV. LCD TVs which are best suited will the ones which come with all the afore mentioned features with chic design, lightweight and convenient controls.


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