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Game Fishing – A Few Necessary Fundamental Details

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Game fishing is form of offshore sport fishing which also known as blue-water is fishing. This recreational fishing is enjoyed basically to catch big fishes like tuna and marlin. If we look into history, game fishing has been started as a game after the invention of motor boats and the game was founded by a marine biologist names Charles Frederick Holder in 1898.

Fishes That Are Meant To Be Caught

Game fishing is a type of fishing where you are meant to catch big fishes. But that does not mean you cannot catch small fishes. Among big fishes the catches that are most popular among the lot are: broadbill swordfish, marlin, blue-fin, yellow-fin, sailfish, and big-eye. Even few species among sharks like tiger, hammerhead, mako, great white and other large species are also included in the list. And when it comes to small fishes, the popular ones are: dolphin, Wahoo, smaller tunas as albacore, skipjack tuna, plus barracuda etc.

Places Where Game Fishing Is Popular

Game fishing is quite an old form of fishing and it has become popular among various places of the world namely California, Florida, Avalon, Bimini, Queensland, Australia, New Zealand (Northern part), Wedgeport, Hawaii and many more. The game is really popular among the places of North America as the anglers love the tropical temperature of the zone. The west coast sports gulf stream which is stupendous place for Pacific bluefin tunas. Apart from the area, Latin and South America are also renowned for having a number of enthusiasts of the game.

Boats That Should Be Used

When you are out for fishing, you should be on a boat that has got reasonable amount of sea worthiness. The rig should be of 18 to 21 feet long which are commonly used in Australia along with New Zealand and Hawaii. The most popular game fishing boats are known as “mosquito fleet”, while they are also known as “party boats” at some part of the worlds. These rigs can carry 25 to 30 people at a time. If you are planning to buy one such vessel then it would cost you a substantial amount of money along with all the electronics consumables, mooring fees and insurance. While if you are a seasonal enthusiast then it is advisable to go and a rent from the boat charters.

Techniques That Should Be Used

In this form of fishing you should use the trolling technique of catching fish. Trolling is a kind of fishing lure which is artificial in nature. This lure is generally look alike a squid. In game fishing it has been seen that anglers are using more than one lines, while out riggers that are used are devised in a such a way so that they can spread the lines more widely. Chumming or chucking or berley is also another way that can be experienced in this type of fishing.

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