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33 Best Weezer Songs: Weezer's Best Songs

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Weezer was easily one of the best bands of the 1990s which saw them release their self-titled blue album and the fantastic Pinkerton.  After those two albums the band took a long break from recording together before coming back strong in the next decade. Needless to say for a band that has been together since 1992 that have tons of material for new fans to go through. While I’m not the biggest Weezer fan on the planet I do enjoy their music and have heard enough material to put together a long list of what I think their best songs are. I included 33 total songs so if I missed your favorite I’m sorry but whatever.

Buddy Holly– Who could ever ignore this song in all of its poppy glory? The music video is a classic and everybody knows Buddy Holly.

Say It Ain’t So– I forgot about this song for the longest time until I heard it again about a year ago and remembered how much I loved it.

Holiday– A really cool song off of the Blue album.


The World Has Turned and Left Me HereI just made love to your sweet memories 1,000 times in my head.

El Scorcho

The Good Life– Get back to the good life. Screw this crap I’ve had it! Had It!

Butterfly- Simply beautiful.

Pink Triangle– It’s a sad thing to find the one for you and it turns out that she’s a lesbian.


Tired of Sex

No Other One– Another track off of Pinkerton about not wanting anybody else even when it’s not best for you.

Across the Sea– Across the Sea is a great song for when you’re feeling distant and lonely from someone you love.

Hash Pipe- The guitar on Hash Pipe is sick and this was a pretty big single for them at the time.

Island in the Sun– I liked this song but now it’s more annoying to me and did I really just hear it on some resort commercial? Sigh. Still if you haven’t heard it I think you’ll still enjoy it.

O Girlfriend– Off of the Green album and it’s pretty catchy although a bit depressing if you’re in the same situation.


Don’t Let Go– Don’t Let Go is fairly straightforward and simple but it will get stuck in your head.

The Angel and the One– Very moving and epic in length.

Miss Sweeny

(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To– Fast paced guitar playing with one of their best hooks.

I Don’t Want to Let You Go- Sounds a bit different from most of their other songs but nonetheless an amazing song.

I Don’t Want Your Loving

Beverly Hills– Beverly Hills was a really popular single for Weezer about five years back and it is a nice little song.

Perfect SituationGet your hands off the girl can’t you see that she belongs to me? And I don’t appreciate this excess company.

PeaceI need to find some peace.

Hold Me

Keep Fishin’– I think this is my favorite single they’ve released.

Dope Nose

Burndt Jamb- Make me happy for one moment of my lifetime.



Fall Together


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