Monday, December 18

Deviant Activity in Public Restrooms

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One of the most difficult assignments in VICE is working the public restrooms.  Having to observe sexual deviancy between other men in a public arena is disgusting dirty work that rubs a straight man the wrong way, no pun intended.  VICE gets involved because the community complains to the Police Department about lewd behavior in plain view and being approached by men while using the restroom so, VICE must respond to deter, educate by making arrests and eliminate the problem.

My hair is so long now, down past my shoulders and I have a beard and mustache.  The Commander told my Sergeant to tell me to cut it because he thinks I look too shabby, “yeah, ok…I’ll get to that right away,” I said to the Serge rolling my eyes.  The next day, I came to work having shaved off my beard leaving a long mustache but not touching the length of my hair, “You look like a rock star from the 1970 time era,” the Serge said shaking his head and walking away.

We worked several public restrooms in the area and the way it works is that one Cop would go inside the bathroom, get a violation, then come outside and alert the arrest team who would go inside and arrest the violator.

I was inside the restroom standing in front of the mirror combing my hair when a man walked in and stood at the urinal.  I could see in the reflection of the mirror that he was turning to look at me.  When I looked back at the man, he turned around exposing his erect penis asking me if I wanted to join him, “I’ll be right back,” I said to the man and I walked outside to give the signal.  “You are under arrest for Lewd Conduct,” an arresting Officer told the man as he put handcuffs on him.  As the man and three Officers walked out of the restroom a woman and a twelve-year-old girl were waiting by the restroom door, “Where are you taking my husband,” she asked frantically, “Daddy, where are they taking you,” the little girl asked starting to cry.  “He is involved in an investigation and needs to come with us,” I told the woman, “Your dad is going to be alright,” I said to the child hoping to calm her down.  We then placed the man in a Police car, “He will call you later,” I explainedand the Police car drove away.

The man and I spoke at the station and he said, “I was on my way to dinner with my wife and daughter and thought I would stop in the restroom… I guess I have a real problem… I needed to get caught.”   I could not help to think, “How sad for his wife and especially for his daughter.” 

During my VICE days I arrested many violators inside public restrooms for lewd conduct, even an eight-six year old man, if you can wrap your mind around that one.  I also have arrested Ministers, teachers, many men who were married; high profile men who you would never suspect would be involved in this behavior, groups of men going at each other and men fully engaged in sexual intercourse.  I have had to see it all.

After my VICE tour ended and even today, I find it difficult to use a public restroom.  Lewd conduct in public restrooms is a very real and serious problem that needs to be stopped.


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