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Ten of The Most Loyal Footballers of This Decade!

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Paolo Maldini

AC Milan: 1985-2009

what more can i say? A legend of football, a legend of Italy and a legend and former captain of the Italian club AC Milan. He is known to be one of the best defenders to ever play the game known as football. He won countless trophies (quite a number of European cups!) and individual awards throughout his extraordinary career that lasted over 24 years. However, it is a pity that he has never won the FIFA World Cup. Hopefully, we can see another Maldini in the next generation of football!

Francesco Totti

AS Roma: 1992-Present

The legend and captain of the Italian club AS Roma, A man that is still playing today. One of Italy’s finest footballers of his generation, he plays as a second striker but can also play as an attacking midfielder. He has won a number of trophies including the world cup and has won a large amount of individual awards. A true fighter and warrior on the pitch.

Alessandro Del Piero

Juventus: 1993-Present

Yes another Italian! hahaha, anways Alessandro Del Piero is a legend and captain of the Italian club Juventus. He is known for his creativity to not only set up goals but score goals himself. He is also known for his fantastic freekicks and penalties. He has won plenty of trophies (the world cup) and plenty of individual awards too, Most notably the “Golden Foot”. Del piero is still playing today and he could probably still play for another few years despite his age of 36!

Raúl González Blanco

Real Madrid: 1994-2010

Raul is a Real Madrid symbol and a legend to Spanish football. Though he left Real Madrid for the German club Schalke 04 because Real Madrid did not want him anymore, which in my opinion was terrible. This man is a true class act and most will know him for his Real Madrid days in which he won countless trophies and individual awards most notably, he is Real Madrid’s all time top scorer and  . It is a pity that he has never won the world cup, he could have but was snubbed for the 2008 European cup and the 2010 World cup in which Spain won both those trophies. Raul is truly one of Spain’s best ever footballers.

Ryan giggs

Manchester United: 1990-Present

One of the most successful players in the history of football as he is the most decorated player in english football, That already tells you about his qualities as a player. That man is no other than Ryan giggs. A welsh born footballer. Giggs has scored in EVERY season in the Premier league which is an incredible feat for a midfielder and he is the only one to do so. In terms of trophies, he has pretty much won all there is to win in the English premier League including quite a few european cups. He has also won numerous individual awards too.

Javier Zanetti

Inter Milan: 1995-Present

Inter Milan’s legend and captain. The Argentinian, Javier Zanetti has been with Inter Milan since 1995. He is a very versatile player since he can play as a wingback on both sides be it left or right which is something very credible or he can also play as a midfielder. He has won quite a few trophies to date, most notably the treble that he won last year (UEFA Champions League,Serie A and SupercoppaItaliana). Despite his age of 37, Javier Zanetti still plays at the very top level of football and he could still play for quite a few years to come.

Steven Gerrard

Liverpool: 1998-Present

The talisman, the captain and he is none other than Steven Gerrard. Gerrard has spent his entire career at Liverpool playing as a midfielder. He is known for his fantastic long shots and playmaking qualities. He is regarded as ” One of the best players in the world ” by former player ZinedineZidane. He has won numerous trophies, most notably the 2005 Champions league Final in which Liverpool beat AC Milan on penalties. He has a ton of individual awards such as the “England Player of the year for 2007”. He has yet to win the FIFA World Cup though. Truly one of football’s finest.

Paul Scholes

Manchester United: 1994-Present

The man who has stayed with Manchester United throughout his entire career, Paul Scholes. He is described by Sir Bobby Charlton as ” The embodiment of all that i think is best about football”. Scholes is a key player of Manchester United and plays as a midfielder, He sets up goals and scores goals. He has won an incredible amount of trophies (9 Premierships) and a few individual awards. Again, he is one of the best players to grace the game.


Barcelona: 1999-Present

Another one club man. CarlesPuyol is the captain of Barcelona where he plays as a defender. He is regarded as one of the best defenders in the world, he fights like a warrior on the pitch. He has won alot of trophies in his career and most recently, the FIFA World Cup. He has also won numerous individual awards. I don’t see him stopping football anytime soon as he still plays with world class quality. A true warrior.

Gary Neville

Manchester United: 1992-Present

Last but not least is the man who started and spent his entire career at Manchester United. He is Gary Neville, the captain of Manchester United. He plays as Right back for his club and won numerous trophies with United, numerous premierships and european cups, some individual awards too. He is the second most capped player in Manchester United with 18 years (The first being Ryan giggs) and he is also England’s most capped right back. A legend in the history of Manchester United.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you enjoyed it!


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