Sunday, December 17

Bukisa; a Chance to Help Yourself Financially

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Bukisa is a site that allows you to write articles on a variety of topics, and they pay you for your work. I have been writing for Bukisa for a few a little over a year now, and I earn something every month. I actually earn money if I do not contribute any articles. In the last few months I have had a lot of trouble financially, and Bukisa has been here to help.

When I began writing for Bukisa I had written on another site for a matter of months, and was earning quite well on the other site. When I started on Bukisa I wrote a quite a few articles, but then got distracted with other sites. I still continued to earn money, and have received payout a few times. In the last couple of months I have discovered that I need to focus on all of my writing sites, including Bukisa.

Since I have put more focus on Bukisa, I have increased my daily earnings by about 30%. This increase is still not what I am looking for, but it has helped me financially.

Bukisa Changes:

In the last few days I have noticed a lot of changes on Bukisa, apparently they are changing from a pay per view site to Google Adsense. This could be a very good change in the financial growth of Bukisa writers, as long as you have a Google Adsense account. I have had my account for a while now, and feel I could do very well as long as the ad placement works well on the site.

How to Grow Your Earnings:

If you want Bukisa to help you financially you have to put in the work. Writing quality content, continuing to write, and learning to use SEO for your keywords will greatly increase your financial chances with Bukisa. You will earn more with Bukisa if you focus on both quality and content on the site.

Bukisa can be a great chance to help you financially, if you put in the work. In addition to my other sites I should be making more than $400 in the next couple of months, then I will continue to work hard and focus to increase it every month until I am earning a good supplemental income. If you are looking for a writing site that you can earn with I recommend Bukisa, it has been a chance for me to help myself financially.

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