Thursday, December 14

Loneliness, I Understand You!

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Overwhelms you. It cast a shadow over your spirit, leaving nothing but depression. Life later becomes a black hole filled with unwanted memories. The actions that your brain forces you to execute, change the life of all those around you.

Many quite don’t understand, it’s hard to live in loneliness. Anti-depressant don’t seem to work, they drown you in an ocean of pain and tears. But what really make an impact are those around you who judge with such a great lack of understanding. They think that psychology shows in TV give them the right to make thoughtful ideas about your problems.

Forces beyond nature posses what’s left of your good side. The next thing to join you in life is suicide. It seduces you, caresses every inch of your senses making want him.  He offers you a deal, promises no pain and a way out of this life. Tells you he understands your sorrow and he’s here to protect you. Once you try and fail, he comes back. Try harder, he says, no one but me knows the real you.

You finally realize you’ve hurt those that truly love you. That suicide has side effects; the consequences are much greater than you would have though. You treat yourself and you finally get better. In the end you realize that had you the answer to solve your problems. You want to know what it is:  the will and power to do things.


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