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13 Best Dr. Dre Songs: Dr. Dre Best Songs

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Dr. Dre has been a rap staple since the 1980s and has had a long and amazing career that included stints with NWA, Death Row, and then finally moving on to Aftermath. In that time span he has worked with and developed some of the best rappers ever to touch the mic. So when putting together a list of the best Dr. Dre songs there was quite an extensive catalog do work from. But since he is a producer first and foremost what would qualify as his songs exactly? So I decided to choose the best from the two Chronic albums in anticipation for the release of Detox (been saying that for ever) and give my own little take on each track.

Nuthin’ But a G Thang– This was one of the songs that made me fall in love with rap music when I was only five years old and watching the video on MTV. A classic rap track.

Dre Day– Great diss song and the video is hilarious with the fake Eazy E. Eazy did come out with some awesome replies also.

Let Me Ride– G-Funk doesn’t get much better than on Let Me Ride, throw this in your car anytime and it always sounds right.

Bitches Ain’t Shit– But ho’s and tricks.

Lil Ghetto Boy– Snoop really shines on Lil Ghetto Boy, it’s crazy how talented he was right from the start of his career.

Lyrical Gangbang– Lady of Rage starts this song out right and it doesn’t quit for the next four minutes of straight rap.

Stranded on Death Row– Yet another outstanding group effort, Stranded on Death Row goes hard.

Still D.R.E.- In my opinion this is one of the best beats Dre has ever done and the song just flows out of your speakers, try not to nod your head to this.

Forgot About Dre– Featuring Eminem this song owned the airwaves for months with an absolutely crazy beat and memorable verse from Shady.

The Next Episode– Snoop, Dre, and Nate Dogg is usually a formula for success but this one is fantastic. The instrumental is great, Nate’s voice goes perfectly with it, and we get Snoop at his best.

XXplosive– This is my favorite song off of 2001, great appearances by Kurupt and Nate Dogg and how amazing is the beat?

The Message– Dr. Dre gets more personal on The Message and is backed with Mary J Blige vocals.

Big Ego’s– Not a very complex or overpowering instrumental but there is real magic in it’s simplicity.


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