Wednesday, December 13

Starting a Profitable Home Biz in Your Free Minutes – It's Possible!

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I realize that time is a limited resource for starting a home based biz. I realize that you, like all of us, probably have a busy schedule….day job, school, kids, errands, favorite television programs….the list goes on and on. This can be troublesome water for many folks who are really wanting to start a home based business and become a wealthy internet entrepreneur, but feel like they just don’t have enough time to learn and practice internet marketing.

If this sounds like you, I think I may be able to change your mind. But not for my benefit, but to hopefully benefit you. If you begin to realize that you can  begin building an internet home business without having to endure large sacrifices, maybe you will decide to give internet marketing a try.

Creating a home business is a progressive journey. It’s all about taking steps, no matter how small, over and over again. Gradually over time…..your business will grow. Every hour, half hour, or even just ten minutes, is an investment. What kind of investment? A time investment, an investment that will grow bigger each and every day by just adding a more to it.

“Well I don’t have an hour a day…I don’t have half an hour…I don’t even have ten minutes!!!” Does this sound like you? It sure sounds like a lot of people that I encounter. Usually I will get to talking with them for a few minutes and can see that THEY DO have the time, but it’s just hiding in other places. Where is their time hiding? Well I usually find a few hours of it in the tv, I find another hour in the latest magazine, I find some of it left over from the day before (when they fell asleep an hour early), and I usually find some in the morning (the ‘snooze’ button seems to hoard a lot of time!) And this list of places I find people’s time goes on and on…chatting on the phone, aimlessly browsing the Net, and a lot that seems like it is being utilized, but it too is being spent on ‘busy’ work that isn’t moving me any closer to their goals and dreams.

Often the number of hours that individuals can find is way more than enough to start up that business you have wanted to start, and they had that supply all along. Here is a key thing to keep in mind. Spending time and investing time are not the same thing…in fact they are complete opposites of each other. We each have the same twenty-four hours a day. We own it, it’s ours…we can do with it what we please. Time spent, whether it be on busy work, to much entertainment, to much sleep, or even just the old “killing time” syndrome, is time that is gone forever. You spent it…it’s gone, and you can’t get it back!


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