Monday, December 11

Seven Tips For Finding Time…to Invest in Your Home Biz

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With time fleeting without cease, what can we do to harness it and use it for our home based biz benefit? Well here we come back to that word again…INVESTMENT. You invest your money so that it works for you and makes money for you, right? Everyone knows the importance of this. Money can be used to make more cash. You don’t spend it never to see it again. You use it like a tool, and later down the road you reap many rewards from doing so and you make more cash.

I doubt that anyone would say that investing money is a stupid thing to do…but what about investing our hours as well? Well, just like money, once it’s spent it is gone forever. But also like money, when you invest it in the right way, it will pay you and work for you for many years to come. And that is exactly what you do when you decide to start a web based home business. You invest your time, and investment that will pay you over and over for many years.

Follow these tips to gain more time

Tip 1- Watch Less Television

Tip 2-Cut Down on Unnecessary Phone Chatting

Tip 3-Go To Bed A Half Hour Later…You Won’t Even Notice a Difference

Tip 4-Get out of bed a little bit earlier

Tip 5-Create and Stick to a Weekly and DAily Schedule

Tip 6-Do Your Most Important Tasks First

Tip 7-Do Not Try and Do Everything Yourself

Seems pretty simple right? Well I can say from personal experience that you can easily find more time when you try to. When I decided to become an internet entrepreneur, I thought I was the busiest 23 year old around. College, girlfriends, work, errands to run, people to see…you get the point. It wasn’t until I really decided to look for extra time that I began finding it. I found some in the morning, some before bed, a lot in the TV, and even more in things that seemed important (but were really just busy work.) I felt pretty foolish because I was able to find more than 3 hours each day that I could invest in a more profitable way. 3-4 hours that I now INVEST in building a business that gives me the financial freedom to live the life I want to live, not limited by work or money.

Creating a web home business can be one of the greatest things that you do for your future. And you can build one, gradually, with the time that is being left unused all over the place. Take a small percentage of your time and invest it, just like you do with your income. Just like money that is invested, it pays dividends for years and years.


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