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Constipation Diet

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Who in his right kind of mind would want to get constipated? It’s painful not only to your anal but causes discomfort as well. Since you’ll be releasing a hard as stone stools, it cannot be easily passed resulting to an improper release of bowels. Apart from discomfort you’ll likewise feel abdominal pain and later on gets a bloated stomach.

However, such instances can actually be prevented, if you’ll only eat the right kind of food and watch your diet as well.

Here are the most common kinds of foods that are good for your constipation diet that can give you relief in managing constipation as well.

First on the list is the bran, studies show that eating foods that are low in fibers is one of the major causes of constipation. Though it may be true, research likewise found out that it can be a cause of constipation too. Consuming bran which is composed of husks can help ease your constipation. Such thing can be done by sprinkling 15-30 ml of bran in your cereal.

Then there’s the whole grain bread and cereals. Its fibers are important in managing your constipation. This works through the materialization of the fibers in your bowel making it possible for bowel movement. What the grain bread and cereal fiber’s do is absorb the water and with their bulk of fibers facilitates movement in your large intestines. Stone-ground flour is one of the example of whole grain wheat while basmati for the rice.

Beans are likewise known to help ease constipations, pinto beans, garbanzo and kidney beans. These are just among the recommended beans that are good for constipation.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also known and effective in easing constipations. The fibers of fresh vegetables are known to be a wonder in the human body as they come in many qualities. There are fresh vegetables that are low in acid, such as: Brussels sprouts and peas which can manage constipation pretty well.

Fresh fruits on the other hand that is rich in fibers that can be of great help in relieving constipation are: apples and raspberries as well as pears. It would be best if you make it a habit in consuming at least one of these fruits every day.

Lastly, prunes are also known to be effective in relieving constipation. Doctors recommend it for people who are constantly suffering constipation. It has a laxative effect that is known to come naturally which after consuming it you’ll be back in your usual business in no time at all.

However, just a precaution not to overeat prunes cause it can cause constipation as well. These are the known natural remedies or reliefs and can be your constipation diet for the rest of your life.


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