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16 Best Rick Ross Songs: Rick Ross Best Songs

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Rick Ross became a big name in rap in 2006 with the release of his single Hustlin’ which enjoyed massive success during that year. Ross got a lot of flak for not having much substance to his lyrics that are filled with tales of big money and large quantities of cocaine. When it was later revealed that he was once a correctional officer his credibility took a major hit because it conflicted with the street kingpin image he had made for himself. Regardless of his actual life story or inconsistency Rick Ross has put out some very good music at times and his last album Teflon Don showed some real growth and promise as an artist. This list is what I consider to be Rick Ross’ best songs and I think it is definitely a good overview of the man’s career thus far.

Hustlin’– This was my introduction to Ross and to be honest it took me awhile to really like the song but it eventually grew on me and I still play it to this day. The instrumental makes this song.

Maybach Music– Jay-Z provides a guest appearance over this awesome beat and he delivers his usual tight verse but Rick held his own especially with the closing verse. Definitely top 3 out of this list.

Push It– Using a sample from the Scarface sound track Push It is a nice motivational track which you don’t have to push drugs in order to appreciate the overall feel of the record.

BlowMeans more dough to blow.

Cross that Line– Akon sings a great hook on this song and Rick raps some solid verses on here.

Hold Me Down– A slower song and not the same quality of production as some of the other songs but Ross really shines on this song.

Street Love– Street Love features Next who I haven’t heard from in about a decade but this sounds really fresh. It’s definitely not the usual Rick Ross type of music but it’s a nice change of pace off of the Rise to Power album.

Rich Off Cocaine– I found this song a few months back while watching videos on YouTube and I’m glad I did. Rich Off Cocaine features Avery Storm and a more laid back feel to it and not the hard street track you might expect from the title.

Magnificent– The instrumental has a dream quality to it and the John Legend part is fantastic. Honestly, you can see the development of Rick Ross as an artist on a track like this.

Valleyof Death- What a great sample.

Maybach Music 2– T-Pain, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne lend their talents to the sequel to Maybach Muisc. I don’t like it as much as the first one because Kanye’s verse is pretty bad.

Aston Martin Music– You have to love Chrisette Michele’s voice plus you get a feature by Drake with a superb instrumental.

Maybach Music 3– It’s up there for the best Maybach Music song definitely better than part two and maybe the first one. Features T.I., Jadakiss, and Erykah Badu.

Tears of Joy- What a great song from Ross and a Cee-lo always makes a track better. This song has more substance and soul than anything else here.

Speedin’– A nice single from Rick Ross featuring R Kelly on the hook.

Luxury Tax– Lil Wayne and Jeezy team up with Ross for an excellent track with a really heavy beat.


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