Monday, December 18

Soldier For Love

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Identify What You Want


As someone seeking a relationship it is important to identify what type of relationship it is that you desire while on your mission to meet Mr. Right.

It is crucial to your mind, body and spirit that you don’t fall into the RUT of settling for whatever it is that comes your way. After all, the quality of your relationship often is driven by the way you start it out. If you walk in blindly, not sure of what it is that you want and need, you are not being fair to yourself,nor the person you are dating.

Grab a hold of the mindset that your wants and needs are important and take all the time you need for self evaluation and assessment of the situation you may be walking into.

Don’t Be confused

Far to often we jump to the conclusion that just because someone makes us feel good initially, they are kind, caring, respectful that they are the person that is intended to be in our lives. We mistake intimate encounters for the real deal, just because there was a strong connection felt in the bedroom and that person decided to stick around until sunrise. After all, if he did that then there must be something there, something that can be built upon Right? WRONG!

If you are seriously on a mission to find your Prince Charming, be wise in not settling for the Man Of The Hour, usually the late night hour, after 12 and before 6. You need to stay true to yourself; first in deciding what it is that you want and need the things you are willing compromise with and the things you truly desire in a relationship. With that in mind, we have to remember that not one of us is perfect.

Once you know what you are seeking, it is time to make it clear to the person you have a strong interest in or are dating.

If you are looking for LOVE and not just a moment of fulfillment, excitement and stress relief; it is in your best interest to stray away from any type of sexual talk, encounters or suggestive behavior with this person until you have established clear communication with your love interest regarding what all of that means to you and what it is that you are looking for.

Yes, it may be mind blowing and exciting beyond all measures to explore each other sexually, but without knowing where things stand, before hand; will most likely lead to hurt feelings, resentment and regrets. On the other hand it could make you lose site of what it is that you really want for yourself, and cause you to settle for something that turns out to be no more than a hook-up from time to time.

Take A Stand

As a single and looking person, the things that i desired in a relationship have changed, in the past year or so. This has happened for a variety of reasons; I have found myself in a ongoing cycle of TOLERATING and sticking around in relationships that were not fulfilling to me on all levels; simply because it was the easier thing to do. Even with knowing that there would be no room for growth, real love in the relationship that only existed in my own mind..

Most recently, I thought to myself; there is no better time than the present! I’ve finished college several years, established my career, my life is going relatively well; I have had my fun and games. I want a relationship with someone who is on the same level in the sense that they are dating with the intent to settle down. i decided that no longer will I spend my time dating people that just want to date to pass off some free time once in a while.

Please don’t get it twisted, I’m not willing to force something that shouldn’t be in order to have a relationship. We all know what the result of that will be and I’m not at all willing to go that route.

I simply mean that while searching and dating, I’m going to priority to those men who are also seeking something on a long term level. At least this way you know that there could be some possibility. This does not at all ensure that just because they are seeking what you are seeking that you will be long term compatible but it will be a step in the right direction.

Soldier For Love

Shortly after I made this decision for myself; I was flooded with temptation coming from men who just wanted friends with benefits, and even a man who was telling me everything I wanted to hear, including he was looking for the same thing I was looking for. However, it came very clear that he too had nothing more than sex on the brain.

I remained strong, I decided I am going to be a SOLIDER FOR LOVE, no I’m not going to be obsessed with finding Mr. Right, but I am going to be cautious and aware of the dating situations I get myself caught up with. I know what I want and in order to get it, I must look out for myself and take a stand.

If you are at a point in your life where you are ready to settle down, and keep finding yourself in a cycle of just settling or tolerating; why don’t you join me in the fight of being a soldier for love. When it’s all said and done your mind, body and soul will thank you for giving in ONLY TO YOURSELF.


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