Sunday, December 17

Weight Loss Demystified

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Except for those who are blessed with good metabolism that allow them to eat anything they want and not gain any weight, most people find it hard to lose even a single pound. Knowing the reasons why it is hard to lose weight is important.

Some of these causes can also be the reason why some people gain weight faster than someone else. It is time to look at  the factors that play a major role in managing weight.

Physical Problems

Many people don’t realize that they can easily gain weight due to some underlying conditions. There are plenty of medical conditions that can contribute to weight gain. Some of these include pituitary disorders, blood sugar imbalance, and a relatively low thyroid hormone.

Malfunctions in the adrenal gland can also cause some people to gain weight faster. Liver and kidney disease can also become a factor. Even drugs that are used to cure such diseases can also cause some people to gain weight especially if the drugs have a fluid retention side-effect.

High Levels of Stress

The popular Yo-Yo dieting, which has been a trend to most celebrities today, is mostly caused by huge level of stress. Stress can affect the weight of a person; either losing or gaining weight can be caused by stress. The body can also cause stress by producing stress hormones, like epinephrine and cortisol in huge amounts.

These two hormones can cause the abdomen to store more fats than usual. Avoiding the production of these stress-inducing hormones must be dealt with externally through avoiding stressors whether from work or at home. Finding relaxing activities can also help the body eliminate stress.

Body’s Toxicity Levels

If the body absorbs too much toxins, it will need those extra pounds to dilute them. This is why it is important to opt for organic foods. Not only are they healthier but contains fewer toxins from chemicals.
Conventional methods of farming require chemicals to fight against pests attracted to produce. Spraying pesticides is normal when growing crops. However, this can cause health problems, which eventually leads to weight gain or inability to lose weight.

Addictions to Food and Beverage

Let’s face it, we all love food. However, the excessive love for food and drink obviously causes weight gain and obesity. Furthermore, addiction to drugs especially narcotics can cause the imbalances to your weight. Some chemicals like those from marijuana can cause the body to crave for more food than normal.

Alcohol addiction can also cause weight gain due to the alcohol’s ability to dehydrate the body. This would result to an increase need to eat and drink. Aside from those, excessive use of sugar on food and drinks can cause the body to gain weight faster. Unhealthy eating habits is one of the major reasons why it is hard to lose weight.

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