Thursday, December 14

Russia is Most Dangerous For Internet Users

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According to statistics compiled by the cloud service Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), in the third quarter was blocked by more than half attempts to infect PCs with malware. Statistics gathered by KSN,indicates that the most dangerous to the user country is Russia – in the third quarter, was subjected to attacks by malicious programs, 52.77% of the computers of the Russian segment of the Kaspersky Security Network.

In the second place of the rankings – the Republic of Belarus (in this country under the threat of infection were 44.19% PC), three closes, China (41.29%). Following are Kazakhstan (40.68%), Ukraine (39.16%), United States (38.13%), India (37.61%), Bangladesh (36.00%), Sri Lanka (35.95 %) and Saudi Arabia (33.99%). Sources of malicious programs exist in virtually every country, but 83% of all sites used to spread malicious programs, are only 10 states. The leader of this ranking are the United States, where a quarter of all sources of infection.

One of the main events was the third quarter worm attack Stuxnet. For infection of this malicious program was first used by not one, but just four Windows-vulnerability. Worm feature was the use of stolen digital certificates and companies Realtec JMicron, through which Stuxnet long enough hiding from anti-radar.

Digital certificates and signatures play an important role in the sphere of information security, affirming the legality of a particular application. Therefore, in 2010 was marked by increased interest in digital signatures from the developers of malware. Thus, theft of certificates has become one of the functions of the acclaimed Trojan ZeuS.

The events of the third quarter indicate that large-scale virus outbreaks replaced ready to pinpoint, targeted attacks. With the help of modern technology malware has the ability to overcome several levels of protection and hit one single, but important goal. Actual threat is also a growing number of malicious files with digital certificates.


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