Tuesday, December 12

Hackers Are Increasingly Using The Theme of Christmas

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PandaLabs has reported the detection of the event using the theme of Christmas to spread malicious software on Twitter. As we approach the holiday themes such as “Christmas Calendar”, “Hanukkah” and even “Grinch” is becoming more powerful weapon of hackers to achieve their main goal – to trick users.In recent years, has created several thousands of messages in which the statements were used on festive themes, such as, “Everybody spit on Hanukkah” or “Shocking Video Grinch” with links to malicious sites.

On the computers of users who go to the link that automatically installed the fake codecs (used imperfect security system PDF-file CVE-2010-2883). These codecs are tricked user to install another codec, which is actually a Trojan downloader, which leads to more serious malware infection.

Note that cyber-crooks are using, and other popular topics for spreading threats. For example, such as the International Film Festival Sundance »(the Sundance festival), the campaign against AIDS, the English Football League Cup (the Carling Cup), as well as messages about the actor Morgan Freeman.

Luis Corrons, technical director of PandaLabs, said: “Hackers are increasingly using social networking sites to spread malicious software. The users of such networks such as Facebook and Twitter, created a false sense of reliability of the materials published on those sites. That’s why so high number of referrals that appear in these social networks, and therefore viruses.


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