Wednesday, December 13

Nokia Has Launched Another Court Case

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The world’s top mobile phone maker Nokia has launched another court case against apple for alleged patent violations, in an increasingly fierce legal battle between two leaders of the smart phone market. Nokia filed the case at a Delaware court in the United State on December 29 seeking damage for Apple’s alleged infringement of seven Nokia patents in most of its product, court documents showed.

                          The Suit coincided with a claim filed with USA international trade commission {ITC} over the same patents, which Nokia alleged apple infringed on “virtually all of its mobile phones. Portable music players and computers” Sold. Nokia needs the new case in Delaware to ask for damages as ITC does not decide on financial compensation. The Seven Patents in the two cases relate to Nokia technology being used by apple to create features in user Interface, camera, Antenna and power management technologies.  Last year, both companies launched patents infringement suits against the other. Nokia has stumbled badly in the fast growing smarts phone sector and relative new comer apple has gained a lot of ground against the market leader thanks to the Phone but still trails Nokia in smart phone’s sales. Apple , which entered the industries in mid-2007 , overtook Nokia in the September  quarter as the cell phone maker generating the highest total operating profit .The legal dispute, potentially involving hundred of millions of dollars in annual royalties, reflects the shifting balance of power in the mobile industries as cell phones morph into handheld computers that can play video games and surf the web.


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