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Are Makeup And Miracle Creams The Answer to a Younger Look

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In today s world, however, looks seem more important than ever. It used to be the case that when men and women grew older they were stuck with the lines, wrinkles and flabby skin that always seemed to appear after the age of fifty, sometime earlier.

Most people don t like to think that they look old and this has spurred a huge growth in products such as miracle creams and other anti aging products.

What has changed in recent years is that men as well as women use skin products and makeup products to try and hold back time, at least on the surface. We all spend a fortune trying to look younger and manufacturers bring out one product after the next and we open our purses to get the latest wonder product.

Not all makeup products do exactly what they say on the box, but most of them do make skin appear smoother and softer, which is one way of making skin look revitalized.

Most women and some men admit that they are not happy that their body and especially the skin on their face and neck is looking old and tired. Cosmetics alone cannot hide the effects of age, but with a good, anti aging serum underneath, the face tightens temporarily and this has the effect of making a person look younger.

Yet another thing that women worry about is cellulite and, what many refer to as the orange peel look that seems to attack our upper arms and thighs as we get older. Nowadays there are not only miracle creams to make your face look more youthful, there are moisturizers and smoothing creams that are designed for the body, and especially those parts of the body that are showing signs of aging.

You only have to walk to your local drug store to see the vast array of anti aging products that are now available. Those women who don t have to worry too much about their budgets think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on so called miracle creams, while the rest of us are limited to what the high street cosmetic brands have to offer.

Strangely enough, tests often show that it s not how much you pay for a makeup cream that matters, it is the ingredients that the cream contains. Some, cheaper products can make you look as good as a pot of cream costing $300.

Men and women use makeup and miracle creams to try and give themselves a more youthful appearance without resulting to injections or to surgery. In America particularly, the increasing number of women who pay for cosmetic surgery to hold back the years, has made a lot of plastic surgeons very rich.

Whatever course of action people take to rejuvenate the skin on their face and body, the fact is that anti aging products are big business. There seem to be new makeup products on the market everyday, from body moisturizers to smoothing eye gels; manufacturers are beginning to realize that there are huge profits to be made from products that are sold to help hold back the years.

Most miracle creams can make your skin look fresher and a bit smoother, but they do not make you look instantly younger. Some anti aging makeup works on your skin overtime, so don t expect the immediate results that you would get with Botox or cosmetic surgery.

Having said that, miracle creams are a lot cheaper and there is virtually no risk to using them as there are with surgical methods.

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