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Is Jealousy Creating Problems in Your Relationship?

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Anger and jealousy together will eat away at the fabric of a relationship and can have an effect on every part of your life.

Does this describe you?

• Are you the one who is jealous when their partner has done nothing wrong to deserve it?

• On the other hand, are you the completely innocent victim of the jealous behaviour of your partner?

• Alternatively, have you or your partner lied to the other, and are finding it difficult to trust each other again?

What causes jealousy?

There are a number of myths about jealously as well as an associated relationship wrecker, possessiveness. Jealous behavior happens when we believe something about someone that is not actually true, typically caused by all the wild thoughts flowing through our mind.

Dealing with jealousy can be easier said than done, as it’s usually a result of life experiences that can leave somebody with a deep sense of insecurity in their private relationships. If you are unsure of yourself in the relationship with your partner then you are liable to have jealousy issues.

Are you too jealous of your partner?

You might be the jealous one yourself who needs help with overcoming your jealousy towards your partner.
If you are very jealous of your partner, it will wreck your relationship if not tackled immediately. Obsessive jealousy kills otherwise healthy relationships, and creates uncomfortable and distressing social situations. Jealousy has devastated many otherwise good relationships – don’t let it devastate yours.

Once you understand why jealousy happens there are ways for getting rid of jealousy for good providing you are ready to make changes

Are you a victim of a jealous partner?

Trust me, I have been a victim of jealousy myself and know exactly how you feel. You get the feeling of being watched constantly and become afraid of doing certain things to avoid trouble.

It’s not very nice at all and affects your social life and relationships with other people. It’s hard to understand why your partner is so jealous when you have done nothing wrong isn’t it?

If you love your partner, wouldn’t it be great to find out why they were so jealous and put an end to it so you could have a much better relationship?

What can be done to overcome jealousy?

The first step to changing anything in your life begins with making a firm promise to change. If you don’t make changes then you will stay in the same pattern of jealous behaviour forever.

You must break this pattern if you want to improve your relationship and finally overcome jealousy and insecurity. To conquer jealousy you have to understand your feelings and let go of the emotional baggage from your past. Then it’s up to you to take some action to help you with controlling the jealousy that is wrecking your relationship.

How to stop jealousy.

If you really want to stop being jealous or if your partner is too jealous of you, then there is help available that will help you understand what jealousy is and how it can be overcome. If irrational jealousy is hurting your relationship, then you need to find out the causes and get advice so that you can stop it for good.

However, if you’re looking for a magic bullet for controlling jealousy, then there is no such thing.

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