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How to Personalize Store-Bought Christmas Cards

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Although you could technically be looking forward to the holiday season at any time of the year, typically after Halloween and into November people begin to take note of the approaching celebrations and related considerations, including how to personalize store-bought Christmas cards.

The particular challenge of how to personalize store-bought Christmas cards, though, need not solely be intended for the especially artsy or crafty. Indeed, anyone can put basic, creative ideas into action that will result in a more powerful message and warmer reception overall. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to add more personal merriment.

White Space

As any skillful graphic designer will tell you, white space is not necessarily a terrible thing. In the case of how to personalize store-bought Christmas cards, this especially applies: Not only do people tend to subconsciously ignore the left-side page of the interior as forbidden territory for personal messages, but many strive to simply pay for a card and put it in the envelope, rather than take a little time to craft a heart-to-heart writing. If you care enough about the person to send them a card or include that card with their gift, can you not take just a few seconds to jot down an encouraging thought?

Creative Correction

One fun way to personalize Christmas cards you get from the store is to cross out certain words pre-printed on the greeting and replace them. For example, perhaps the original greeting card is intended for children, and the cover has a cartoon Santa Claus figure with the heading “Hey Grandson!” Then, on the interior, the message says “I hope you have a HAPPY HO-HO-HOLIDAY!” Using this as a starting point, you can cross out “Grandson” with a permanent marker or other thick line and replace with “Grandma,” this making it a humorous image with a lighthearted message inside. The tricks and clever replacements available are endless when you begin to see even the pre-printed words as interchangeable.

Attentive Memory

In order to truly master how to personalize store-bought Christmas cards, you simply need to know who you love and know those people well. When searching the seemingly endless rows of possible selections for that perfect card, do not merely seek a funny quip or some cutesy art; rather, try to make this appeal to the specific person’s personality or interests. Do they have an antique model train that they traditionally set under their Christmas tree every year? If you can remember that, then selecting the Christmas card with the model train on the cover will seem like a remarkable, sentimental choice. Remember, people must be regarded as a case-by-case basis when choosing what to mail to them or include with their presents, and ultimately that personal touch results as much from your choice as it does your alterations.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season, it can be easy to forget or neglect such details as how to personalize store-bought Christmas cards. Yet, when all the wrapping paper is discarded and all the goodies are consumed, the memorable moments result from the extra effort to regard our loved ones for their distinctive qualities, not our obligation to give them a card every year.


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