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American Serial Killers

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Jeffrey Dahmer is very famous in American serial killers who is responsible for at least 17 victims.  He was a gay so he only the murdered the males.  In 1992 he was sentenced to life imprisonment, but in 1994 he was killed by another prisoner.

Jeffrey was born on Saturday 21 March 1960 at the Evangelical Hospital in Milwaukee as the first child of Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. Lionel’s father studied engineering at Marquette University in Milwaukee. He lived with his wife, and his mother Catherine, was a teacher. In 1962 graduated after four years and received his PH.D. in analytical chemistry. Lionel Dahmer was diligent as a successful worker who had very little time for his son. Jeffrey himself gained a strong and purposeful personality which was full of bitterness. Lionel’s wife Joyce was similarly ambitious and strong. Moreover, it was so neurotic and over the years became very stormy marriage. American Serial killer Jeffrey becomes accustomed to see and hear his parental quarrels, which often grew in natural insulting.

List of Jeffrey Dahmer victims:

Steven Hicks: 19 years old, Killed on 6th June 1978. Stunned barbell and then reaped and his body was parted with a knife.

Steven Tuomi: 24 years old, Killed on 15th September 1987. Jeffrey Dahmer cut him into several pieces.

Doxtator James: 14 years old, Killed on 16th January 1988. Drugged and strangled. The body was put into the acid with crushed bones.

Richard Guerrero: 23 years old, Killed on 24th March 1988.  Dahmer had oral sex with the victim, later he was put under Guerrero pills and strangled. His body was minced and tossed into pieces.  

Anthony Sears: 24 years old, Killed on 25th March 1989. Strangled and sliced. Jeffrey Dahmer had secreted his head and genitals then skull colored later. 

Edward Smith: 27 years old, Killed in June 1990.  Strangled and sliced. The body was dissolved in acid

Raymond Smith:  33 years old, Killed in July 1990. Strangled and sliced. The Dahmer colored skull and left him.

Ernest Miller: 22 years old, Killed in September 1990. Suspend and gouge. Jeffrey Dahmer also hid his biceps in the refrigerator for later consumption.

David Thomas: 23 years old, killed on 24 September 1990. Sleep and strangled.

Curtis Straughter: 19 years old, Killed on 18th February 1991. Sleep and strangled. 

Errol Lindsey: 19 years old, Killed on 7 April 1991.  Dahmer kept his skeleton.

Anthony Huges: 31 years old Killed on 24 May 1991. Sleep and strangled. Jeffrey Dahmer dissolved his body in a strong acid.

Konerak Sinthasomphone: 14 years old, Killed on 30th May 1991. During sleep, his head was drilled a small hole and injected sodium acid into the frontal lobe.  He was then strangled.

Matthew Turner: 20 years old, Killed on 30 June 1991. Sleep and strangled. His body was minced nearby apartment. 

Jeremiah Weinberger: 23 years old, Killed on 7th July 1991. He was drilled a small hole in the head and then injected by syringe with boiling water. 

Oliver Lacy: 23 years old, Killed on 15th July 1991. Sleep and strangled. His heart was stored in the refrigerator.

Joseph Bradehoft: 25 years old, Killed on 19th July 1991. Sleep and strangled. His body was partially minced. His sliced head and body was found in his apartment. 


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