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Signs He is Cheating

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One of the major signs he is cheating usually revolves around his work.If your spouse suddenly starts coming home from work late and he has never done this before, this could be an indicator that he is cheating at work. He may also be leaving home earlier in the morning to go to work, or simply going to work at odd hours when he used to work a routine schedule.

I have worked cases where the spouse would leave home early and meet his lover at a park for instance before going on to work. Although he was technically not cheating at work the lady friend he was meeting worked at the same place.

We know that an affair often begins at work because that is where he spends the majority of his time and gives him the best chance to meet someone. Affairs at work usually develope over a good length of time. At first their fellow workers may think they are just friends but after awhile it becomes obvious that are nore than just friends. Is their someone at his work that will answers any concerns you have honestly?

I would not count on anyone at his work helping you but sometimes it happens.

Keep in mind that these factors, by themselves may not necessarily mean that your spouse is cheating.

He could actually be working late or going in to work early as a result of recent vacancies at his place of employment, or have an extra project or assignment. You should be able to determine this by asking him some general questions about his work.

However, this coupled with other signs is definitely reason for concern. One of the signs he is cheating and possibly cheating with someone at work is if he is frequently unavailable when you try to reach him at work. This could mean that he is cheating with someone outside the office and is not there but co workers are covering for him or that he is cheating with someone at the office.

If he has suddenly started taking a lot of out of town business trips when he never did this before, there is probably reason for suspicion. Also, if he starts to take vacation days off from work but fails to tell you and, instead, allows you to believe that it was a regular workday until you later find out by accident, beware.

Cheating at work can be hard to determine if you are not very involved in his day to day life.

. Do you talk to him about his work?

. Do you know who he works with?

. Are there females on his job that are attractive or that he would be attracted to for whatever reason?

You may want to look at his work first if there are other signs he is cheating. Be very careful about who you question. I would use talking to someone at work as a last resort. There are other things you can do and look for now that you think he is having an affair.

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