Monday, December 18

Health Benefits of Tomato

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Tomato is just not only a food to eat or vegetable to cock but it also got a lot of health benefits, including cure for minor heart problems. It also help to fight against heart diseases.

Tens of thousands of lives should be saved with the help save the tomatoes. It helps even against clogging of the arteries. A new health study discovered that people who eat lots of vegetables, especially tomatoes suffer less suffering from heart disease and stroke.

A substance that occurs in the skins of ripe tomatoes contains the lycopene drug. It became apparent that lycopene is capable of being remove almost all types of harmful fats with in eight weeks from the blood.

Now, its effects have been clinically tested to see if it can not only help in prevention but also treatment of heart disease. Each new drug Aterononu pill contains as much lycopene as five pounds of ripe tomatoes. This new drug was developed by the medical department of Cambridge University. They also monitor the miraculous effects of this drug on two hundred patients with heart diseases.

Now it is firmly committed to making sure that doctors take seriously, the effects of this drug and can use it as just another dietary supplement.


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