Thursday, December 14

Most Dangerous Countries in The World

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Even those who like adventure, usually avoid traveling dangerous places of the world. Forbes magazine recently published a top 10 list of most dangerous countries to travel, so those whose visit these countries, must be reasonable for any bad incidence.

At the top of the list is Somalia, which last 10 years, toss armed conflicts. This place is top in plays a gun, the drugs and of course the money comes from illegal transactions. The threat to travelers under the conflict are obvious, there’s also kidnappings and land mines.

The second country took place in the list is Iraq, where they are shooting the terrorist attacks on a daily basis.  Afghanistan in third place not just between a safe destination – especially due to the fact that American Drone Missiles are full of errors and you may be the next victim..

Fourth place goes to Haiti, a place with potential tourist paradise, but probably the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The biggest problems are corrupt police and armed civil unrest. 

Every day terrorist attacks are the cause of the problem list in another country, Pakistan.

Despite the peace agreement of 2005, it continued fighting between government and anti-government forces in Sudan

Seventh place belongs to the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is still shaking up the aftermath of civil war officially closed in 2003. Lebanon occupies the eighth place which is divided and fighting for the anti-Syrian forces. List closes with Zimbabwe and Palestinian territories where there is no surety of any thing.


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