Friday, December 15

Easy Potluck Ideas

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A potluck is a generally known as a gathering of family friends where every individual or a whole family participates by making a cool and delicious recipe for all the gathering. Have a look at 10 most easy potluck recipes, that you can make in no time and enjoy the party.

Lemon Margarita: Grand fresh mint leaves with a good quality soda and your delicious and fresh lemon margarita is ready to serve.

Chicken Roll: Fry chicken with ginger, turmeric, black pepper and chili then roll all the chicken in bread rolls, you can also use ketchup with it.

Spicy Corn: Boil corns and then mix it with yogurt, lemon and mint leaves.

Mango: There is no alternative of mangoes, its also called the king of all fruits.

Lemon Water: Its also called Limo pani in India and its preparation is very easy. Just squeeze fresh lemons into water and add some soda, sugar and salt, according to your taste. 

Russian Salad: Russian salads is also called mix fruit salad, just mix as much fruits as you can in yogurt.

Potato Chips: There is no need to describe the recipe, you can make potato chips of your own choice.

Fry Fish: Get a fish and fry it, it take maximum 10 minutes.

Roasted Peas: You can get high quality roasted peas from the market.

Dry Fruits: There are a lot of dry fruits that are easily available in market.


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