Tuesday, December 12

President Obama a Poet Not a Fighter

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Obama seems fundamentally adverse to confrontation, and he is dealing with a Republican Party that seems to live for conflicted. Where does that leave us, not in a very good place I am afraid.

The more I think about the tax cut deal Obama made with the Republicans; the more certain I am that he should have and could have fought for more and gave away less.

I understand the argument that doing nothing would have allowed the tax rates for everyone to go up at the end of the year, but he is the President, all he has to do is tell the IRS to keep the tax rates where they are for now, so the immediate tax hike argument is false.

Another thing I’m not sure I understand is why he gave in so quickly they have to the end of the month, longer if they decide but he caved in without putting up any fight what so every. If you claim to be fighting for the middle class then fight, words with out deeds mean nothing.

I have heard some pundits saying this tax deal is like a second stimulus package and that it has all kinds of liberal goodies in it and that is fine; but just like the health care reform, and tax cuts, what does that do for a people who cannot put food on their tables today, nothing.

They can talk all they want about  the good things they have done, but if everyday people do not see or feel it, it may as well not have happened.

Who cares about tax cuts if you do not have a job? Who cares about health insurance if you cannot afford to put food on the table? I believe Obama sincerely cares about the middle class, but he has failed us.

The meager extension of the unemployment benefits is a good thing for the people who have been living hand to mouth for way to long.

I have a job so I will be the last to say that Congress should block it, but what about the people who have been without anything for longer the 99ers.

Obama didn’t do anything thing for them and with a Republican Party taking over the House the future for the ones who have been suffering the longest doesn’t look bright.

Unfortunately, I believe I know why the President did not ask for unemployment extensions for everyone— he would have had to fight for it.


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