Sunday, December 17

Top Five Snowboard Features to Look For

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As stated previously, snowboarding is an exciting physical activity that many enjoy. It is a great way to stay in shape and have fun at the same time. It is also a great way to meet people and make new friends! It is all fun and good but there are a few things people overlook when they get involved in the sport. 

First of all, when you want to get involved in the sport you must have the right gear. Many people get injured and decide not to snowboard anymore all because of one factor, the wrong gear. This article is here to inform you and to possibly prevent injury. One thing you have to know about snowboard gear is that every person needs his own, unique adjustments to the board, bindings, boots, etc. First thing to do is to choose the right snowboard. There are many manufacturers and brands out there but you have to get the board that is the most comfortable for you. There are different categories of board designs. Some boards are designed for freestyle, meaning they were made to do tricks and jumps, and free-ride, meaning this board was made just to cruise down a mountain. If you are reading this article it probably means that you are a beginner at this and in that case you would need to get the free-ride board. Now, not just any board will do but if you want to get the best for your money make sure the board is very flexible and can bend easily. Another factor for choosing a board is it must be light-weight and the right height for you meaning if you stand the board next to yourself, the board has to be up to your shoulder or chin in height, not higher or lower. The shorter the board, the harder it is to ride it. 

The next step is to choose the bindings. There are three types of bindings: Step-In bindings, Strap bindings, and Flow-In bindings. Out of those three the best would be the Flow-In or the Strap-In bindings. If you are a beginner, try to avoid Step-Ins. Strap-In bindings are best because you feel connected to the board and you have more reliability and control of the board.

Another important part of the gear are the boots. Your boots should preferably be half a size bigger than your shoe size because you will have to wear thick socks with those boots. You have to make sure that your foot cannot move inside the boot as that will greatly affect your riding. The boots should tight around your ankle and and shin. 

Other parts of the gear include jacket, snow pants, goggles, hat, and helmet. Make sure when you go snowboarding, you dress in layers so that when it gets hot you can take a layer off and keep riding.

This is a very brief explanation of the gear you should consider when getting involved in snowboarding. Please use caution on the slope, watch out for other snowboarders and please don’t go to the highest slope the first time you step on a snowboard (even if your friends make you). Happy shredding!


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