Monday, December 11

Why Are Energy Drinks Bad For Your Health And Deadly

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Somehow these energy-drink companies got us to think that energy drinks are good for us but the truth is, they are very dangerous and deadly. In this article I will try to explain the harm that energy drinks cause, from a medical point of view. As everyone knows (or think they know) energy drinks are supposed to give you energy but the biggest misunderstanding is that a liquid with sugar and vitamins (and some other ingredients) cannot produce energy all by itself.

During the day you consume foods which are later turned into energy. When you rest at night your body regains that energy that was used during the day. This is the natural process of the human body, whatever outside factor that tries to alter this process can result in harm to the body system or even death. As said before, your body has a certain amount of energy to use during the day but what energy drinks do, is when you have no more energy, they will make your heart work faster making your body think that you have energy. The more energy drinks you consume the more and harder your heart will have to work and squeeze out the last drops of your energy. After time your heart will get weak, your body will become skinny and worn out and in most cases people who consume energy drinks regularly have heart failure and die. 

We, the owners of our bodies, should do everything to keep our bodies in shape, energized, and regularly given the necessary vitamins. In conclusion to the above, I can advise you to stay away from energy drinks as far as possible since they will never add to your energy but rather use the last bits of it and overload your heart. If you care about your body and want to live a healthy life take care of yourself. Give yourself a 30 minute nap instead of an energy drink and you will feel more refreshed and actually HAVE more energy. 


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