Thursday, December 14

Five Ways to Have More Money at The End of The Month

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Let’s get straight to the Tips.


Yep! As much as you do not want to hear this but this is true. Buying Starbucks coffee everyday can run into a quite large amount of money. Buying strabucks coffee is much more expensive than making your own at home.

2. Fast Food

Fast food restaurants seem to be cheap these days but when you buy them everyday for a month, it’s very costly. A much cheaper way is to buy groceries and make food at home as weird as it may sound but buying groceries and cooking at home can feed a lot more people for the same money it would take to buy fast food. Try it and you’ll see the difference on your account at the end of the month, oh did I mention that this is also much healthier than fast food?

3. Smoking

Yes, yes, yes! A pack of cigarettes every day for a month would sum up to an average of $150! That is expensive and unhealthy. Quitting smoking will actually benefit you in at least two ways. You will be healthier and have $150 more at the end of the month.

4. Have Less Cash

Having less cash in your pocket means less unnecessary purchases! It’s that simple. Does that mean you have to become poor? Absolutely not. Simply try to have less cash in your wallet buy putting most money on your account. People have a tendency of buying unnecessary items just because they look nice but when they get home they realize that a certain item they bought was “a waste of money.” Having less cash in your pocket can actually save you money!

5. Do Your Homework

One of the greatest ways to save up your money is to research the cost of an item before purchasing it (especially high-price items). Usually you can save a few hundred bucks on big purchases by simply taking out about 15 minutes of your time and going online to search for that product. Go through as many stores as you can and compare the price of an item. This often helps to significantly reduce the cost of your purchases. 


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