Monday, December 11

My Eyes Are Dry And Red

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Having technology fill every corner of our everyday lives it is hard to keep naturally moist and healthy eyes. Even as you are reading this article your eyes are strained and are working hard so you can see. To keep eyes white (not red) and moist try to not use computers, phones, television as much as possible. I know this as hard since a lot depends on internet. Also if you are going to use the computer you should use artificial “tears” or “eye-moisturizer” to keep eyes moist. Clear Eyes helps very well. 

If you are wearing glasses this will only add to the problem. Each of your eyes has six muscles to move it. When your eyesight becomes poor that means that one or more of your muscles has become weak. When you wear glasses they do all the work for your muscles and they don’t work at all. The longer you wear glasses the more weak your eye-muscles will get and soon you will be getting stronger glasses and in time you will go blind. Taking off glasses and doing simple eye exercises will improve your muscles and eyesight and keep your eyes healthier and moist. 

Last but not least of the factors that affects your eyes is your car’s A/C. When you are driving in the car try to turn the air vents  away from your eyes since the air (cold or hot) will dry your eyes and leave them sore and dry. 


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