Sunday, December 17

Winter Mornings Car Freeze

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It’s that time, when you wake up in the morning and realize you have overslept! Oh what a frustrating time that could be when the coffee maker is making coffee too slow and the toaster burns the bread. And when you come outside you have another surprise on your hands. An ice-covered winshield! What do you do now? Well there are a few options. You could either start the car and turn on the defroster or just try to scrape off the ice. Yeah, that will be even more frustrating, or even dangerous. Driving with a half-defrosted windshield could be very dangerous.

When you’re in this situation, don’t despair, not all hope is lost. There are actually a few ways to defrost your windshield pretty fast. First of all, start your car and turn the defroster on, then grab some warm water (not hot, because that’ll only result in a cracked windshield) and slowly pour some on top of the glass so that it flows down. That is one of the fastest ways to defrost your windshield on a winter morning.

Another method works a bit faster but you have to work a little more. The night before, when your windshield is not yet frozen, take a blanket that you don’t need and cover the windshield with it. Make sure you cover the whole thing. Then in the morning you can just take the blanket off the windshield and have a nice clean unfrozen windshield.

Just a few little simple tips to make your mornings happier and less frustrating!


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