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Are You Using Alpine Living Air Classic Air Purifier

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It has been a few years since Americans have become much aware that the air inside the home which they normally breathe is not of top quality. The air inside the home gets compromised with cooking, pet odors, mildew, mold, mildew, plastic materials as well as carcinogenic products used for cleaning. What can we do about it? Buy a good air purifier. I was gifted an Alpine Living Air Classic purifier machine in 1981 and it was a perfect solution for polluted air. Here we will check out the ability of the product.

Alpine Living Air Classic air purifier is not a cheap machine nor does it appear cheap. It weighs around 19 pounds and is built inside a wooden cabinet which is available in four colors, light oak, dark walnut, black and putty. The unit is solid and comes with a six foot thick electrical cord. It claims to cover an area of 3,000 square feet and normally your home can mange with one unit only. If you have a bigger house or has a high level of humidity or pollution, you may need more than one unit. The cost of the unit starts from $549 and it is major investment.

Now let us see how it works? It does produce the ‘thunderstorm scent’ but when it come to eliminating the odors, pollutants etc it is difficult to confirm that. Over the years there has been a lot of controversy as well as rulings from the government against the claims reported about the air purifiers by the EPA or U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, American Lung Association and the Consumer’s Union. 

With such reviews I don’t use the Alpine Living Air Classic and it is sits unplugged in my and is working as a coffee cup holder when I work. The fact is that with the study made by the federal agencies, I am a little scared to use it.

There are different air cleaning methods for removing pollutants otherwise. You can do it by source which is most effective. In this it minimizes the use of matter which leads to indoor pollution by using healthy hygiene practices which will decrease biological contaminants. To control particles you can also employ good housekeeping practice.

Another approach to having clean air is outdoor air ventilation which is also an effective method which is used very often. This includes fixing an exhaust fan near the source of pollutants which will increase outdoor air flow in a mechanical ventilation system. You can keep the windows open when you are using the sources of contamination.


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