Thursday, December 14

Stargate Sg-1: Endgame

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Stargate SG-1: Endgame is one of my favorite episodes from the last few years of this hit TV series.  It includes some very nice, funny bits in it.

The opening teaser is funny in itself.  That’s when the guys working graveyard get a wake up call when the Stargate suddenly disappears.

Then these two guys end up being questioned by Daniel (Michael Shanks), and that is a hoot, especially when he has this odd reaction to their comment about drinking coffee.  Look for it: it’s so funny.

This leads to more laughs in a scene with Jack and Daniel over reporting the fact that the Stargate is missing to Washington.  Richard Dean Anderson as Jack plays this so beautifully.  The looks are pricelsss.

Anderson and Shanks have a super rapport and that shines through in all of their scenes together in this episode.

I love the ending, too, when Jack holds out against the urging of Prometheus commander.  It’s about time Jack went with his gut.  I love the whole thing, including the very last conversation between Jack, Daniel, and Sam.

Overall, it’s a very good show that has drama and humor and even better, super interaction between Jack and Daniel.


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