Wednesday, December 13

5 Ways to Impress as an Internet Marketing Speaker

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5 ways to impress as an internet marketing speaker:

Have you landed your first gig as an internet marketing speaker? Have you landed a chance to impress at a big conference? If so, chances are you’re now thinking about the next step: how to make a big impact and open the door to more (and even better) opportunities. Here are the essentials for creating the right impression:

Get energised
Your audience are there because they want to be inspired, so you need to be bounding with enthusiasm and relishing in your success. There’s no place for modesty here! Celebrate your success with as much confidence as you can muster and others will want to follow. Take a light-hearted path and throw in plenty of humour to keep your addresses engaged. Leave any negativity behind and remember you can’t be too confident: you’re the expert and your audience want to know everything you know!

Research your audience
As an internet marketing speaker, the more you know about your audience, the better you’ll connect with them. Try to find out where they are coming from and where they aspire to get to, so that you can deliver a presentation that has the information that each and everyone needs. Of course, those needs will be varied so show how strategies can be varied from industry to industry; share techniques that can be implemented by those with all levels of experience from entry level to the mega experienced; give away a specific action that everybody can use. That way, everyone takes something away, and your presentation is the hot topic after hours.

Get down to earth
If you’re going to earn the respect of your audience, and get them pumping with enthusiasm for how they’re going to turn their website around, you need to speak in a language they’re going to understand. Drop the tech speak and think clarity. Make it comprehensible to any level of internet marketing knowledge. Include easy-to-digest anecdotes of how your strategies have worked. Finally, take a light-hearted path and throw in plenty of humour to keep your addresses engaged.

Anticipate questions!
Of course, your presentation is going to get everyone buzzing, and with that will come plenty of discussion. Once you’ve decided what you will deliver, go over it again and come up with a list of questions that may be asked, and what will generate talking points. It’s a good idea to go over your presentation with a fellow marketer. That way, you’ll retain your confidence and still be looking the expert when that tricky question comes your way.

Be sociable
Any experienced internet marketing speaker will tell you that the best discussions are often had after hours. Don’t think that your presentation is your only chance to shine. Use the many social opportunities that the conference will bring to make new connections, bounce ideas around with others, look for new opportunities and really hit your message home.

With these 5 tips, you’re ready to go and make that big impression. Just remember: confidence, clarity, connect.


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