Sunday, December 17

People Without Profile Pictures

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As a member of a few Social sites, I realize there are a lot of people without Profile Pictures. Personally, I would like an image of something to associate with a friend. It doesn’t have to be a real photo. I could be anything. Put a rock in the photo spot. It doesn’t matter. At least I have an image. My Profile pic is something off the web that I agree with. Granted it’s not me, but it’s something.

The real question is what do you pictureless people have to hide? Did you commit a crime and your pic has been pasted all over the media? You hiding from a stalker (ok that’s a good reason)? Maybe the terms of witness protection don’t allow a picture. Or are you just that ugly?

Look ugly is not a reason for no picture. You want ugly here’s my real pic.

So you see ugly doesn’t matter. This is not a physicall beauty contest. This isn’t a contest at all. Social sites are about what is inside of you. Not how you look.

So please, put someting in your Profile pic. Otherwise you look like everyone else without a photo. As a friend, or future friend, I’d like you to stand out of the crowd.


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