Wednesday, December 13

Fall Door Basket

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Finished size20″ high x 6″ wide
Base measurements 1″ wide x 6″ long


  • Spokes: 3/8: flat reed – 7 at 37″

  • Weavers:

    • 3/8″ flat reed

    • 1/4″ flat reed

    • 3/8″ flat reed dyed green – 2 strips

    • 1/4″ flat reed dyed golden rod – 6 strips

    • 1/4″ flat reed dyed tangerine – 4 strips

    • #2 round reed

  • Rim: (folding rim) 3/8″ flat reed rim holder (note: the 3/8″ flat reed rim holder is a piece of flat reed that the matchstick border is formed around)

  • Handle: 6″ x 20″ “D” handle

1. Mark center on handle and all seven spokes. Lay out four of the seven spokes vertically. Lay handle over spokes and add remaining spokes between the spokes {under the handle}. With a piece of #2 round, twine around spokes and handle base. (This will be a way to keep the spokes from moving while working the first two rows.)
2. Upset the spokes. With the 3/8 flat natural, weave two rows. Cut out the #2 round. Pack down the two rows woven. Now weave another 5 rows. Using the green 3/8 flat, weave one row. Using the 1/4 flat natural weave a total of seven rows. Starting with the 1/4 flat golden rod, weave one row. Alternate the golden rod and tangerine for 9 rows total (five rows golden rod and four rows tangerine). Weave seven rows of 1/4 flat natural. Weave one row 3/8 flat green. Weave 6 rows of 3/8 natural.
3. Place a sturdy piece of 3/8 flat natural inside the basket just above the last weaver. Overlap the 3/8 piece about two inches. Clothes pin to hold. Number the spokes. Using # 1 spoke, bend behind and over the 3/8 piece and out the front. Bend # 2 spoke behind and over the 3/8 piece and out to the front. Using # 1 spoke that is now in front of the basket, bend it up and in front of # 2 and behind spoke # 3. Using spoke # 3, bend over the placed # 1 spoke and the 3/8 rim piece and out to the front. Using the # 2 spoke, go across the # 3 spoke and behind the # 4 spoke. Take the # 4 spoke and go over the # 2 and the 3/8 rim piece. Continue to overlap and tuck spokes until there are two spokes left to tuck. Look at the pattern and add the spoke to the places you can see need to be woven. You may need to cut some of the spokes before you add them so that there is not too much reed on the rim.
4. With the golden rod 1/4 flat, place a long piece from the green woven piece to the other green woven piece, vertically. Just place in the spokes where the green goes over the spoke. With autumn leaves, tie to the basket.

Place on door.


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