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Three Ways to Boost Web Traffic With Social Bookmarking

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Certain ways have proved very effective for website promotion during the past some years. Whether you are running a blog or have a business website, you need to make it appear on several sources so you may attract maximum number of visitors to your website. Social bookmarking is quite trendy these days, and now a considerable number of online marketers and webmasters are looking for some really smart ways to promote their websites on different social networks. It was in 2003 when developed a nice way for its users that allowed them to save their personal bookmarks in the members’ section. This facility made it a lot easier for the users to save their bookmarks online and use them no matter where they are and which computer system they are using.

Many businesses found move quite interesting and many started their own social bookmarking services according to their own business needs. Soon there were some other social bookmarking websites including Digg, Furl, StumbleUpon etc, etc. A large number of features were almost the same in this newly emerged crop of social bookmarking websites. The individuals could save their important bookmarks on these sites and share them with the others as well.

These days social bookmarking has become an integral part of most SEO strategies and now webmasters are looking for some simple but smart ways to promote their websites on different social networking websites. If you have found the secret of doing it correctly, a major boost in your website traffic is must and you may also be ranked higher in Google PR system. Here are three ways that can definitely help you make the most of your social bookmarking efforts.

1) Though using the right tags in description area is must, but most seem to overlook this important factor. Keep in mind that all these websites utilize the same kind of applications to generate your pages and visitors on them. So you must put the tags in the descriptions for different pages of your website. Keep also in mind that several tags let your bookmarks belong to one or more categories.

2) Another thing that many don’t care about their page description. Often they make it a messy stuff rather than making it clear and concise. Your description must be easy to read and it should convey all what you want to express with your post. The introductory lines are very important as they make people read your content.

3) It’s better to promote those pages that have most content, as pages with more content have the chances of getting more traffic that can stay longer on your website. Keep in mind that people want to grab maximum information when they are online. So, you need to provide them all what they are looking for, otherwise they wouldn’t stay on your pages for long.

If you do it right, these three can prove sure ways to give a considerable boost to your website traffic and make your online business thrive.


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