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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Rates-Supplemental Insurance Rates Medicare

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Medicare Supplemental Insurance Rates

Medicare is a good start, but it is only partial coverage whether you need doctor or hospital care. You should compare Medicare Supplemental rates to protect your health and your savings.

Here are some ways to compare rates:
1. Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized.
2. All plans with the same letter (for example Plan A) have the same benefits.
2. You should look at plans to cover your regular medical bills.
3. Then you should add protection against unexpected medical expenses.

The key to understand when comparing Medicare Supplements is to know that the benefits are standardized, but premium prices are not. You can save hundreds of dollars by comparison shopping.

With Medicare Supplements you get coverage for all your doctor bills. You can be reimbursed for Medicare’s deductibles. You can even be covered when Medicare doesn’t pay your hospital bills.

It’s important to note the best times to shop for Medicare Supplemental Insurance:
1. During Open Enrollment you are guaranteed to a Medicare Supplement regardless of medical condition.
2. You can’t be charged higher premiums due to pre-existing health problems.
3. Your open enrollment begins three months before you turn 65.
4. Open enrollment ends three months after your 65 birthday.

You will want to start comparing rates when you turn 64 so that you will be ready to decide when get to your open enrollment period.

You should also be aware of some things to watch for when comparing Medicare Supplemental Insurance Rates. “Attained-age-rated” plans are based on your age when you apply. Your premiums will be low when you are 65, but after a decade, these plans may be the most expensive. If your health fails, you may not be able to change plans to lower premiums.

For more details on Medicare Supplemental Insurance Rates and to get the information you need to make an informed choice you should contact one of our Professional Advisors at MediGap Advisors, call 1-866-681-7712 to speak with one of our representatives today.


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