Wednesday, December 13

When is The Right Time For Your Dreams?

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It’s funny how time slips by when we’re distracted. There are numerous people out there, maybe even you, who say that you will start pursuing your real dreams when some event happens. You might claim that your ultimate happiness will be realized if you get something, or if you reach a certain date. When it comes down to reality, there will be no ‘perfect’ time, and you might as well get around to just pursuing your dreams.

What does it take?

The truly determined make their own time. They find the time to write, to draw, to work on their business. They look at their goals, create plans for themselves, and pursue their dreams. The rest flounder and haphazardly stumble their way through the dark to tread water. Both individuals are given similar amounts of time, but the difference is in the focus.

The truly determined are confident about their abilities, and have overcome their fears of moving forward. They might think about the obstacles and excuses that they could make, but they don’t let those get in the way. The fear in others is something that paves the way for the more successful to get ahead. After all, there is less competition.

Take the time to design a plan. Start with your personal strengths to discover what you can build upon. Look at where you want to be, because the successful and determined are ones who have one eye on the future and one eye on the present. When you look at your world, do you consider yourself to be truly determined or less than focused?

Time is of the essence. Pursue and push yourself today because you do not know what tomorrow till bring. If you knew the future, you would know the best actions to take RIGHT NOW. Instead, you’re going to have to wing it, you’re going to have to fake it until you make it. You’ll have to take your lessons from the successes around you.
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