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Quitting The Gym And Staying in Shape

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Despite our best intentions, quitting the gym is sometimes a necessary step. You might have found that it’s not the best group of people. Perhaps they don’t have the latest and greatest fitness equipment. Occasionally, there’s a money or transportation issue. Whatever the reason, your personal fitness should not be put to the wayside just because you quit the gym. What’s available as a substitute?

Take Walks

One of the reasons that you might have joined the gym was because it has treadmills that you can walk for hours. Even when distracted, walking on the treadmill can be absolutely mind-numbing. There are parks, malls, city streets, and plenty of other things to explore on foot. If you find this to be boring, think about military cadences as you walk because it passes the time as you move.

Play a Fitness Game

With the newer video game technologies such as the Wii Fit or the XBox Kinect, there are video games on the market which provide you with rewards for completing your exercises. You can compete against yourself or others. For those who are too heavy for the Wii Fit board, you can ask one of your smaller friends to set up a profile and use that to play the game.

Push Ups

Pushups are one of the best ways to get your arms in shape because they use your own body’s weight as resistance. If you are not able to do traditional pushups, you can try wall pushups, where you press yourself against the wall as if you were doing a pushup. You can feel the resistance in your upper body without worrying about how you’re going to get off of the floor.

Leg Lifts

Lift your legs a little bit higher when you walk. When you’re lying in bed, lift your legs and curl them as high as you can possibly manage. Again, you are using your body’s weight as resistance, stretching and making your muscles stronger.

Remember that the motivation to lose weight starts within you. Whether you are playing a fitness game or pumping iron in the gym, you value your personal fitness. The best part about getting in shape is that everything counts as long as you are getting your blood pumping. If there are activities that you love to perform, even standing up, you’re burning calories.

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