Monday, December 18

Natural Language Processing Overview

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As the name suggest Natural Language Processing deals with processing the natural language spoken or written by humans in order to interact with the computer.

It is a hot research fields where in many areas of concern and issues are uncovered and yet to be resolved.

The contribution from the linguist domain comes in the form of concepts and theories regarding how the humans interpret things likes text, material or any object in the real world. This study involves many aspects of human interpretation of information like how childrens learn or understand or perceive things or how humans store and retrieve such a huge volume of information over the years. Considerable research has been done in this field over the years to explore human physocology in terms of theories and hypothesis and still a long way to go.

The computational field has made use of these research in linguistic domain to mathematically interpret the theories and implement it to benefit in the field of Data mining, machine learning. machine translation, etc.  This work has found application in many commercial domains to gain useful information from available data and dispose it for benefit of society. Many data mining task like IR, text categorization, review mining, etc have been done more efficiently using the present techniques by adding concepts from linguistics domain.

I am engaged in cognitive science concepts to help in Text mining, i would explore that in my next articles.


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