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Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites – How To Boost Your Adsense Income

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Are you searching for Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites? There are many of these websites that you can join to promote your blog or links and you also get a share from every adsense advertisement clicked. If you want to earn money through these sites you will need a google adsense account.

Before you apply it is a good idea to first get your website or blog established on the search engines first, make sure that your website has a lot of unique content and it is informative to the reader. It is also a good idea to read their terms of service so you know how adsense works.

Once you have joined a few adsense revenue sharing sites you will need to enter you id so you can get credited for each click generated, you can also set up url channels to track clicks, earnings and page views.When it comes to earning from these sites you will need to backlink each article you write.

Many people think all they need to do is submit and article and they will automatically get clciks, but it doesn’t work that way.It can take some work to gain backlinks to each article you write, if you do this you are more likely to earn more from these websites.

When you are submitting an article or bookmark it is a good idea not to copy and paste your original article, write a small description about the page you are promoting. If you are submitting an article you can also add images as well. A good SEO technique is to use your keyword as the image name, this will help your article get ranked higher in the search engines.

For long term success it is important that you have a good keyword tool. I recommend investing in tool such as Micro Niche Finder, by using this tool you can find the best keywords that you can easily rank for. Your choice of keywords is very important if you want to earn from adsense revenue sharing sites.

Keep in mind that it can take up to a couple of months before you start to see some revenue, this is because articles tend to get better results as they age.By writing articles regularly you will see an increase in your earnings. If you would like a list of Google Adsense Revenue sites visit my blog, you can also get additional information about each site so you can start earning straight away.


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