Monday, December 18

Help Your Baby Sleep at Night

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Most parents have problems when they have to determine the kids to go to sleep. The little ones shake, cry and wake up several times in one night, and so « assure » their parents of a white night, but they also lose the benefits of a relaxing sleep. Here are some steps which can help your child to sleep peacefully at night.

Step 1. Make him an activity program

Keep you child active during the day. Play together, sing, offer him toys which provoke him and keep him active. In this way, the moment of sleep will be better welcome by the child.

Step 2. Monitor your child’s sleep rhythm

It’s normal for the babies to sleep several times in one day, but these naps should not last for hours. Let him get his energy through his sleep, but keep in mind that the night is the best moment when he should regain his strength.

Step 3. Create a routine

Help your child perceive the moment when he should go to bed. Create him a routine for this, by setting a fixed time for sleep. Also, don’t put him to bed when he is very asleep.

When you notice he’s very tired, prepare him for bed and let him fall asleep gradually. In this way, he will adjust by himself the attitude, going peaceful at sleep. It would be indicated for you to have an entire ritual to prepare sleep, like the bath, massage and reading a story.

Step 4. Allow your child to calm down

Even if the baby cries or is agitated before sleep, don’t hurry to intervene. It’s posibil that through these gestures to try to find a confortable position for sleeping. If these reactions don’t stoop, talk to him calmly, pat him on his back or stay near him until he calms down and falls asleep. It’s possible that simply with your presence the baby to become calm

Step 5. Maintain a calm tone during the night

If the baby wakes up during the night, don’t turn on all the lights from the house and don’t exagerate with the noises. Try to calm him down with a warm calm voice, because in this way you will send your child the fact that it’s time to sleep, not to play.

Step 6. Don’t turn the moment of sleeping into a punishment

There are parents who threat their children with the fact that they are sending them at sleep, if they don’t stay still or if they’re naughty. Avoid the association of sleep with punishments, because the little one will react consequently.


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