Monday, December 11

“what’s on Your Christmas Wish List?”

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Every year around this time someone decides to ask me, what I want for Christmas? I usually seldom respond. This year I decided to satisfy every ones curiosity by making up my own personal wish list. I like to list my top ten wishes starting from the lowest which would be ten up to the highest of course, which will be  number one. Sit back and make your selves comfy, grab onto your favorite drink and put your feet up! This may just take awhile as I have so many of them… Ho! Ho! Ho!

#10 a brand spanking new “Pace Arrow Sports Car”,I love fire engine red. It reminds me of the time Santa crashed his sleigh into my garage and He became my permanent house guest until Mrs. Clause came and got him almost a year later! “She stated in our conversation on her prepaid cricket cell phone, that she was really enjoying her vacation away from him and that the silence was much better than Santa’s constant snoring.”

#9 my own Brand New Log Cabin, of course built on the White House front lawn! I like keeping my eyes on the action as well as what goes on in the private lives of those that make the laws as they sit in comfort behind closed doors, while our poor sleep on the streets, because they have no home to go too.

#8 my own private space shuttle and space station, you know for that holiday we need to get away from friends and family? You know the ones that come to visit and never leave. Is it my cooking? Is that what keeps them here? Or, Could it be they like reindeer stakes? Something else Old Saint Nick, left behind along with all their droppings, which look like giant Easter Bunny turds. He borrowed my Rolls Royce. Don’t think I’ll see that again anytime soon.

#7 my own personal Harem, You know the four legged kind? The ones they call mules? It’s a fetish of mine. When I am drinking my cactus juice, sometimes I wake up the next morning freezing, because I was out chasing mules across the desert. It’s strange though, I never seem to catch them.

#6 My son’s brand new I-pod and note book, I’m told he got a free one just for registering his email address on-line. Hey I raised you! You could at least send it on to me, along with some pictures of your most embarrassing moments!

#5 A brand new Hewlett Packard, You know the biggest and best they got? I was always told never settle for second best! Go for the best and forget about the rest. Now I’ll need all the trimmings as well as accessories, which go along with it. Don’t forget the Norton Anti-virus; you know the one, which has the big 360 on? Oh yeah, I’ll need the owner’s manual in case I need to take it for a test drive. They tell me it’s as big as a semi-truck and looks nothing like Santa’s Sleigh! Thank God for that; my friend is using the one he left behind as a raised flower garden.

#4 my very own bi-line on Triond and Bukisa as well as a million visits to this article, I am a firm believer in positive thinking! If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand! So like that’ll ever happen, Right? Just thought I would toss that one in for good measure. Hey you click and comment on mine, I promise I’ll do the same in return for yours! I will even invite you over to watch “Eclipse” the third one of the Twilight series on my 48 inch flat screen TV. You can bring the popcorn though.

#3 On a more serious note- “Remember our men and woman in the services of our Great Countries,” They’re fighting for our freedom.” They’re far away from home and it must be really hard on them, not being home with family and friends. So when you say your prayers and open those gifts under your trees this year, remember why we are able to enjoy these freedoms and pleasures.

·#2 Healths and longevity to all!

·#1Peace on Earth and Good Will to all Mankind!


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