Wednesday, December 13

Why is It Unhealthy to Eat Before Bedtime?

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Our bodies are designed  so that they sleep when it is time to sleep, work during the day, digest food after you eat, etc. But when these natural processes are not in their right order, you have a problem. Your body knows that during the day it is supposed to work and be active and use the energy that it recollected during the rest from the night before. 

At night your body knows that it is supposed to rest and that all your body processes are put to use the minimum energy possible during the night but when you eat right before bedtime or have a midnight snack, that is where the problem comes in. Our body wants a rest from the days work and wants to recollect the necessary energy for the next day but when you eat before bedtime your digestive system begins working hard again to process the food you just ate and when you go to sleep, your body isn’t really resting but actually working hard to digest the food you ate. That is one of the reasons that you feel tired in the morning or want to have some more sleep. All the natural processes should be in their order and should not be altered if you want your body to function properly and be healthy and energized!This is a simple explanation of how our body processes work and how we should maintain them. Eating before bedtime is highly unadvised as you will feel tired in the morning and have less energy during the day.


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