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How Being Physically Aggressive With Your Boss Can Affect Your Career

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Although the workplace can be a challenging, anxious, nerve-wracking place, hopefully its workers do not have to experience how being physically aggressive to your boss can affect your career. There are certain inalienable boundaries that should not be crossed in the office, whether in physical confrontations, repeated rebellions against policy, blatant theft, or other misdeeds. Being overly face-to-face confrontational with your boss should be a big no-no in the office environment, even if just a threatening gesture before an actual altercation occurs.

Devastating Stigma

After a tangible act of physical aggression against your boss, your co-workers will likely know of the event, if not by directly witnessing it than by hearing about the happening later. Though the “brown-noser” personality type, as being too friendly to the boss, is certainly a negative stigma, so too is the worker who actually gets in the boss’s face and actually has bodily contact or threat at hand. After all, who would respect someone who is violent even with his or her supervisor? This act can permanently tarnish one’s workplace reputation, which can contribute to a hostile work environment or negative references toward future job applications.

Permanent Distrust

One of the ways how being physically aggressive to your boss can affect your career is through the erosion of trust across peer relationships. Nobody wants to entrust that worker with their projects, secrets, or even much conversation, if they believe that he or she has the propensity toward physical aggression in the workplace. At that point, it becomes something akin to common sense to not mess around with that particular co-worker, one who may have anger management issues.

Instant Termination

Perhaps the most significant and immediate example of how being physically aggressive to your boss can affect your career is simply the possibility of being fired as a result. One fight with your boss should be more than enough to warrant letting you go, but even supposedly lesser offenses in the realm of physical confrontation might lend the company to unload you as well.

It may seem like rather basic office protocol, but knowing how being physically aggressive to your boss can affect your career may unfortunately be a piece of knowledge that many fail to grasp, and one of the standards of professionalism that should be mastered by any confident office worker seeking to be the best they can in such an environment. Future office leader0hopefuls would do well to abide by common sense wisdom and avoid physical confrontations with their supervisors.


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