Tuesday, December 12

Bukisa's New Changes With Google Adsense? What is That Mean to My Writing Money?

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I logged into the Bukisa this morning and they asked me to sign up for the Google Adsense, after I signed in I search around for any changes in Bukisa, then I found out that the 3.22 paid index banner was gone.  It was a huge surprise to me because I used to write for the eHow and know how the paid per click google adsense work with it and I believe the Bukisa is now using the same system to pay the writer.

Because I know the game rule to make money with Bukisa is different from now, then I started to do a lot of research on how I could maximum my earning in Bukisa with the Google Adsense.  And I have found out a few things below that would maximum my earning.

  1. Keyword will be more important than before, you will need to get a lot more traffic than before into your site so you could maximumize your paid per click earning.

  2. With more traffic into your content, your potential reward to earn with your content is more than before, but that also mean you do not get much pay if people do not click on the google’s ads.

  3. Do not try to click on your own ad to try to make money, google will consider that as stealing and may request to terminate your services and wipe out your earning.

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And also I found that is a list of top google adsense earner and they make a lot of money with google adsense because their website is popular.

  • Markus Frind from plentyoffish.com – Earning : $300,000+/month

  • Kevin Rose from Digg.com – Earning : $250,000+/month

  • Jeremy Shoemaker – Earning $140,000+/month

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Finally, I believe there is more way to make more money with Bukisa’s new system for now, and I would like us to work together to find out how we could make more money with google adsense, so please leave a comment here if you have any good idea, thank you.

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