Friday, December 15

My Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites That Are Very Effective

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Social bookmarking sites: What is a social bookmarking site? How it is useful for the internet user? What are the top social bookmarking sites? Read more…….

What is a social bookmarking site:  There are more than 180 millions of websites in the web world. When you browse the Internet you may come across a web page that interests you. If you want to visit the web page again or share it with others you need to store it somewhere so that you can visit to the page quickly.  We can store our favorite web pages on social bookmarking sites and refer them whenever we want.

The role of bookmarking sites in driving traffic to your site: It is true that social bookmarking sites can drive traffic to your site. You can see share this button under all your articles on Bukisa. When you publish your articles you can share them with these social bookmarking sites so that you can get organic traffic to your articles from major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and so on.

Top Social bookmarking sites: These are my favorite social bookmarking sites.

1. Stumble upon

2. FaceBook

3. Twitter

4.  Digg

5. Delicious

6. Technorati

7. Yahoo buzz

8. Blogcatalog

9. Socialmatic

10. Spurl

11. Diigo

12. Backflip

13. Linkroll


15. Google buzz


17. Sphinn



20. Friendster

There are many such social bookmarking sites out there on internet. But I think there are the social bookmarkings ites that are very important today. These social bookmarking sites are truly very effective.

I hope you will find this details useful.

Summary: When you get more traffic, it means more business for you and more earnings and revenues.


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