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How to Use Email Marketing
Email marketing is amarketing
that uses e-mails as
the medium to provide
communication between your
company and yourtarget
.  Simply stated, email
marketing is a very
cost-effective way for your
marketing team to contact either
current or potential clients or
customers in order to solicit
their business.

Like most things, though, email
marketing has its pros and its

On the bright side, e-mail
marketing is a lot more
affordable than either direct
mail marketing or telemarketing.
 Essentially all that you will
need is a means of delivering
your emails.

Because of laws against spamming
people, the safest thing that
you can do is to send your
emails out through an email
marketing company.   These
companies are helpful and will
provide other services as well.
And, because the email companies
keep on top of email marketing,
a higher percentage of your
emails will get through to your
intended recipients.

In addition, when you use their
email marketing softwarethese
companies will track the emails
that have been opened.  They
will also track which parties
respond to each specific email.

One of the beauties of this type
of marketing is that you can
schedule emails to be sent even
weeks in advance.  And the
delivery time takes only seconds.

One of the drawbacks of using
emails is that some companies
find that the percentage of
people that respond to emails is
less than the percentage that
respond to either direct mail
marketing or telemarketing
campaigns.  However, because of
its cost, email marketing is
something you should definitely

Where Do You Get Your Email
Marketing List of People to Send
Emails To?

There are a number of ways to
get the emails of people you
will market to.  One way is to
make sure that you get all of
your customers’ email addresses
when they buy something from
you.  Another way is to offer to
give people something of value
in exchange for their emails.

If you have a website then you
can trade some valuable digital
information in exchange for
people opting-in to your email
list.  If you have abrick and
establishment, such as a
restaurant, you could have a
signup sheet near your cash
register.  Just offer something
worthwhile in exchange for
people’s emails.  You may want
to offer a 10% discount on their
dining, or 50% off their next
meal, etc.

Another much easier and more
efficient method would be to
rent an email marketing list
from alist broker.  Email
marketing lists are highly
targeted lists of people who fit
your specific criteria.  Your
criteria could include people in
a certain geographic area,
people who have bought a product
similar to yours, people in
specific age group, people who
earn a certainamount of money,

The marketing list that you rent
or purchase can include, among
other things, the name, phone
number, and physical address.

When renting or purchasing email
marketing lists it is important
to work with well established
companies that can ensure that
the files they provide are 100%
Can Spam compliant.  When you
send emails you must comply with
the email marketing regulations.


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