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Benefits of Pomegranate

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Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) is a plant that originated from Iran to the mountains himalaya region in India. This plant likes loose soil that is not submerged in water, with ground water is not deep.
Pomegranate juice is said to be able to reduce risk factors for heart disease, including LDL oxidation, macrophage oxidative status, and foam cell formation, all of which are the stages of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Other efficacy of pomegranate juice is to lower systolic blood pressure by inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme. Juice is also able to inhibit viral infection, and has anti-bacterial properties against dental plaque formation.
Meanwhile glima fruit seed oil (the language of Aceh) was effective against proliferation of breast cancer cells in vitro.

The use of pomegranate in the community


Wash the roots that have been dried pomegranate (7 g), then cut into pieces as needed. Boil with one glass of water for 15 minutes. Once cool strain and drink the water at once.
Boil dried and powdered pomegranate skin areca seed (15 g each maing) with three cups water. Simmer slowly for one hour. Once cool, strain and drink as well before breakfast.
Combine pomegranate juice with carrot juice, half a cup each of maing. Stir until evenly distributed, drinking with an empty stomach.


Wash the pomegranate flowers (seven florets) with clean water, then boiled with a glass of water until boiling. Once cool, strain and use to gargle-gargle.


Boil some pomegranate flower (20 g) with three glasses of water served until the remaining half. Drinking boiled water twice a day, each three-fourths cup.


Combine powdered pomegranate skin of fruit or flowers to taste with sesame oil. Toss well, then apply on the wound.


Take two fresh pomegranates are ripe. Take the following contents of the seeds, then mash until smooth. Add one cup water, stirring evenly, then strain. Use water to rinse and then swallow done 2-3 times a day until healed.

Frequent urination

Take the contents of pomegranate fruit (fresh and ripe, the fruit) and a handful of chives, then cut into pieces as needed. Boil three cups water with remaining till half, remove and let cool. Drinking boiled water twice a day, each three-fourths cup.


Boil dried pomegranate skin (30 grams) and bitter herbs dried (15 g) with one liter of clean water. Allow the water boiled remaining half. Once cool, strain and for for three times the drink. Morning, noon and night. Cooking water is also used to wash the vagina bias. Especially women who are married, use with a syringe into the vagina.

Long-standing cough

Take a pomegranate is not too ripe. Every night before bed, chewing the pomegranate. Discard seeds.


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